Server rules

No Grief
Never ask for op/creative/guard/VIP/whatever
Don't steal
No mental Damaging words
Do Not Cheat
No use of Hacks
Do not Keep Begging After Someone says No

Commands you MUST know:
/home - Takes you to your home
/home set - Sets your home to your current position
/home delete - Deletes your home
/home point - Points your compass towards your home.
/home help - Display help 
/home <name>  - Visit <name>'s home
/home list - Displays whose homes you can visit
/home ilist - Displays who can visit your home
/home invite <name>  - Invites <name> to your house
/home uninvite <name>  - Uninvites <name> to your house
/home public  - Makes your house public
/home private  - Makes your house private

/econ - displays how much money you own
/econ pay <name> <amount> - pays money to another user

You SHALL know this info

/lag if its over 18 Tps, it's not the server's fault,
it's your client

you must know how to use lockette, if you do not see here:


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